Payback depends upon many factors.  For example, if the Drainwater Heat Recovery System does the job of a new, or secondary water heater or permits the installation of a smaller water heater, the payback could be between a day and one year! The simplest way to determine the monetary-payback is to estimate your family's shower-usage and accept additional savings as a bonus. Since this also varies wildly, depending upon climate, geographical location, type and number of showerheads, the following guide was prepared based upon a single, low-flow showerhead:     

The Drainwater Heat Recovery System Savings Guide     

      For average cold water temperatures between:         7 and 24 C

      Low-flow showerhead delivering:                              9 litres per minute

     The System will save approximately:                        4 to 10 kW

      In 12-minutes of showering you will save:                 0.8 to 2 kWh/shower

      For a total of:                                                         875 to 2200 kWh/year


If you wash clothes in cold water and take showers instead of baths, then 80% of your water-heating bill could be for hot shower water. Installing a Drainwater Heat Recovery System rated at 50% efficiency, will then result in a 40% drop in your total water-heating cost. If your home has an electric water heater, it may be your single largest expense for electricity. Water heater labels provide estimates of these costs, by accounting for fuel costs, electric rates, and energy factors. Also, the Drainwater Heat Recovery System could save you the cost of purchasing and/or maintaining a secondary water heater by tripling the First Hour Rating of your existing electric water heater for showering.

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