Put your stream to work for you.

For those lucky enough to have a suitable source of flowing water crossing their property, micro-hydro might be the optimum electricity generation solution. These systems are reliable and easy to maintain, often providing surplus energy when you need it most, during the winter months.

A pipe is installed upstream and carries water downhill to the generation unit where, upon energizing a turbine, the water is returned to the stream.


Site criteria is all important.

As with wind energy projects, the availability of the energy source determines the success of a micro-hydro installation. In determining the suitability of your site you will have to assess the volume and head the water source provides.

Volume refers to the amount of water carried by the stream per unit of time, expressed as litres per min. Head refers to the pressure derived from the height that water falls vertically from pipe inlet to the turbine inlet.

At absolute minimum, the water source must be able to consistently deliver 45 litres per minute with a head of 10 feet.

PM-1000 Micro-Hydro System

The PM-1000 Micro-Hydro System, manufactured by Platypus Power, is designed to maximize the output from low head and high flow situations in a simple, easy-to-install package.
The generator's maximum output is 750 W. A single easily interchangeable nozzle delivers the full range of flows. Connection of the turbine to your intake pipe is simply completed with a 2" table D flange.

The marine-grade 316 stainless steel runner and powder coated aluminum casing resist abrasion and corrosion to offer a durable product.


  • Reliable brushless permanent magnet design.
  • Marine grade 316 steel runner and aluminum casing.
  • Easy installation.
  • Single easily interchangeable nozzle delivers full range of flows.
  • 12, 24 & 48 volt systems available.

Note: If the stream is located more than 100 feet from your battery bank, consider a high voltage system, and convert to 12 or 24 volts at your batteries.

Stream Power System

The stream engine is a quality micro hydro generator capable of producing up to 800 watts of continuous DC power. It will operate effectively with a wide range of flow and head inputs, eliminating the need for custom models. The permanent magnet design eliminates the need for brushes, dramatically increasing efficiency and reducing potential maintenance. Power output is optimized by simply adjusting the rotor clearance. A unique multi sized nozzle assembly provides a range of diameters from 1/8 to 1. The standard unit automatically adjusts for 12, 24 or 48 VDC battery systems.
A three phase AC model is also available for sites with long transmission distances. The AC is rectified to low voltage DC at the battery bank. A low head model is also available.


  • Works on heads as low as 10 feet
  • Adjustable for maximum efficiency
  • Rugged bronze turgo runner
  • Brushless design

Model Description
HYDRO 800 Watt Micro Hydro System

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