Cut costs and help the environment.

Water heating accounts for a large share of overhead costs for medium to large-scale hot water users. Improvements in the overall efficiency of an operation can net significant savings and other benefits for both existing and planned facilities. The Drainwater Heat Recovery System is a guaranteed improvement.

The Drainwater Heat Recovery System Features

  • minimal installation requirements,
  • maintenance free,
  • captures as much as 60% of heat normally lost down the drain
  • rapid payback, excellent return on investment




This could mean severely slashing your utility bills and new equipment purchase costs while saving the environment a good deal of pollution. The Nexus Solar Corporation can help your mechanical team by providing all the information you need to weigh your alternatives, size appropriate systems, predict performance and savings – without obligation. Contact us today.

The Technology - Read more about how the technology works.

                     A Host of Applications

Washing Facilities

The Drainwater Heat Recovery System can be applied to commercial size dishwashers popular in hotels, resorts, theme parks & airline-flight kitchens – saving hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours of energy and great amounts of money. It can also be used with mold-release & parts washers that discharge hot wastewater known to clog or foul conventional heat exchangers.


Apartments, hotels, motels, college dorms, townhouses can all use the Drainwater Heat Recovery System to reduce boiler size and lower their utility bills. Check out these information sheets from facilities that have successfully installed these systems.

Troutdale Terrace Development -- Troutdale, Oregon (in pdf format)

Hilton Garden Inn -- Edison, New Jersey (in pdf format)

Institutional & Commercial

Drainwater Heat Recovery Systems can slash water-heating costs for gang-showers (sports and other rec facilities), hair salons, truck stops, campgrounds, laundromats, car washes etc. The more hot water you use, the more you save.

The System is zero maintenance, we are saving about half of the water heating costs. It works so well, I put one in at home and our propane bill is half” .... “I would have paid nearly as much for another water heater as I spent on the system, but this saves me money every month, instead of costing more.”; says Ed Zuk owner of Littleton Easy Wash Co-op Laundry in Littleton, NH.

Read more about Ed’s experience ( pdf format )


Whatever the process need, the Drainwater Heat Recovery System Cooling-Walls offer ultra-high recycling efficiency. Inherently risk-free because of a lack of internal welds, there is no possibility of cross-contamination problems common to shell and tube heat exchangers. We guarantee big energy-savings, with safe and reliable performance.

“The system is very functional, you can sure tell the difference.”; says Rick Stover and engineer with Energy Recovery, Inc. in Oakland, CA.

“We have used plate and frame, and shell and tube heat exchangers in our processing operation. These were high maintenance, plugging up constantly. We switched to Drainwater Heat Recovery System units to resolve the plugging problems. They work! Our water heating system no longer has any trouble keeping up with demand. The units have never plugged. They have been installed for over 1.5 years; they are doing so well I have forgotten about them.”; says Jason Blankenship, Director of Engineering Meramec Group, Inc.; Missouri, USA; manufacturer of molded Polyurethane products.

Food Processing

Food processing applications mandate double-wall, vented construction for public safety. Here the Drainwater Heat Recovery System opens a variety of new applications; some requiring stainless steel models.

One dairy application transfers the heat of fresh milk (35°C, 107°F) – which must be cooled regardless, to prevent spoilage – to preheat the animal's drinking water. This lowers chiller operation requirements and increases milk production because cows tend to drink more water if it is warm.

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