Nexus offers a variety of pre-engineered solar systems designed with industrial remote power needs in mind. These complete turn key systems are available in three standard designs or can be custom built to suit your needs. The systems feature:

  • weatherproof battery and equipment enclosure(s)
  • solar array (matched to load) and support
  • battery bank (sized to reserve requirements)
  • engineering drawings and documentation

Systems are specified after reviewing the customer's intended location, load profiles and other considerations. Packages are then assembled and shipped for installation. CSA certification is available.

Compact System

Complete power systems for small loads.

  • insulated battery compartment
  • 30 L equipment compartment w/ door
  • pole mountable
  • Nema 4 rated optional

Suited for data collection, traffic monitoring, security systems

Intermediate System

Built for applications requiring more space and
battery reserve.

  • holds up to 4 Group 27 batteries
  • 130 equipment compartment w/ door
  • pole mountable
  • Nema 4 rated optional

Suited for SCADA, remote lighting or
telecommunication systems.

Platform System

Free-standing systems for larger loads.

  • support for solar array and radio antennae
  • holds 2 to 8 Group 27 batteries
  • optional equipment compartment
  • Nema 4 rated optiona

Suited for mountain top sites, oil & gas work, or as a mobile power system.

Custom System

Custom designed systems to accommodate all loads. Packages can include:

  • pre-wired arrays for delivery to site
  • custom charge controllers w/ user
    specified features
  • array mounting structures to match site
  • equipment enclosures/buildings
  • all electrical wiring & cables

Suited for airport systems, navigation aids,
cathodic protection, obstruction lighting & larger telecommunications systems.

EcoNomadô Combined Mechanical Utilities Container

The EcoNomadô is a self-contained utility appliance that allows for the provision of:
  • Potable water storage and purification,
  • Waste water management and treatment,
  • Use of reclaimed water for non-contact applications (toilet flushing, gardening),
  • Supply of reliable electricity and power management,
  • Supply of hot water for domestic hot water and space heating,
  • Intergrated opportunistic use of renewable energy components (solar PV, wind, micro-hydro and solar thermal)
  • Fire protection,
  • Control, alarm and remote telephone/modem access

The application options are unlimited

With the EcoNomadô, it is now possible and viable to establish a residential building, subdivision, community or business in any location, be it urban, rural or remote, without sacrificing the convenience of reliable power, the safety of drinking water and the controlled disposal of treated waste water.

The EcoNomadô incorporates the newest cutting edge renewable technologies. It allows the user of the unit total control over utility cost, and the level of convenience. The user of the micro-infrastructure becomes at the same time, the provider of the infrastructure, giving the control and decision making to the user of the EcoNomadô combined utility unit.

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