The Actarea is a 1 hectare (2.59 acre) residential development demonstrating further ways to save energy in buildings.

With Thomasfield Homes and a consortium of national groups including the:
- Federation of Canadian Municipalities
- Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
- Canadian Housing Renewal Association
- Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Nexus Solar is introducing 4 distinct new architectural concepts in Guelph, Ontario.

Live/Work homes with main floor access and quarters, extra parking for employees or clients, and separate entry option

Interlocked corner lots
preventing street views into backyards

Extended family units with choice of a detached or attached granny or nanny flats

Wide frontages
creating brighter interiors and more traditional, pedestrian friendly streetscapes

These refinements address the demand side of the energy equation. A professional home office can save significant quantities of gasoline and valuable time otherwise spent commuting. Daylit interiors save on electric lightbulb use and create healthier living environments. Granny flats add to quality of life in priceless ways, altogether offering huge gains towards better quality, more affordable and practical housing for today’s families.

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