Did you know that 20 - 40% of all the energy consumed in an average home is used to heat water? That doesn’t sound alarming, but add to that the fact that approximately 80 – 90% of all water heat simply goes down the drain after use! This means throwing away hundreds of dollars each year (depending on your water heater) just to heat the municipal sewer lines!

The Drainwater Heat Recovery System has the potential to save up between 20 - 50% of the water heating costs in your home by recycling a significant portion of the heat that would normally be lost. The units install easily in almost any home, have no moving parts and require no maintenance. It is a great investment particularly for homes with teenagers and other heavy shower users as the Drainwater Heat Recovery System can triple your hot water capacity while halving the cost of heat. The technology can pay for itself with the savings in 2-5 years, all the while reducing your home’s overall energy consumption by 5-10% - which means less polluting greenhouse gases and a cleaner environment. No longer fear cold showers.

The Technology

See inside the Drainwater Heat Recovery System, and learn how it system works to reclaim heat otherwise lost down your pipes.

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Reduced Pollution

Startling information that shows just how much energy usage and pollution can be avoided with the Drainwater Heat Recovery System.


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