Consider the energy required to heat water in the average Canadian household and you could be looking at almost 20-40% of the total energy needs of the home. This significant demand can be cut by between 40 to 70% (even 100% for seasonal use) with the installation of a solar water heating system while continuing to provide the hot water service you are accustomed to. Nexus Solar can specify a range of solutions that meet your needs while keeping costs to a minimum.


     Solar Simplicity

In the case of retrofits, you keep your existing hot water tank. The solar system comes with a seperate solar storage tank that is easily integrated with the plumbing to preheat domestic hot water. The collectors are typically installed on a roof with the most southerly orientation. The only other modification consists of two runs of insulated copper piping: one to carry cold fluid to the collectors to absorb the heat within the panels (temperatures in the collectors are commonly over reach 90°C) and another to return the warm fluid back to the hot water tank where it can be harnessed. A small pump (solar powered or standard AC) provides circulation for the system.

If you have a pool or radiant flooring (or are planning on it), consider an integrated solar heating system. Consult us or your mechanical contractor first.

A “Greener” home
Of Canada’s Greenhouse gas emissions, it is estimated that residential water heating contributes about 6 million tonnes of carbon monoxide each year. Installation of a solar water heating system in your home could mean displacing up to 2 tonnes of carbon monoxide yearly!

The Technology

A short walkthrough covering the basics of solar water heating. Get familiar with the terminology, operation, and various system configurations.


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Solar Economics

Some figures and discussion on the financial aspects of solar water heating.

Installation & Maint.

General tips on finding the right location for installation, a maintenance checklist and warranty information.

Sizing & Selection

Begin specifying a solar water heater based on your individual household needs, complete with recommended models.


Answers to the common questions most people have regarding solar water heating in their homes.

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