Consider the alternatives

Solar water heating applications in institutional, commercial and industrial facilities are numerous. Motels, hotels, campgrounds, residences, athletic facilities, laundries, parts washing plants, restaurants, green houses, food processing plants, farms, swimming pools and carwashes are just some of the areas where solar water heating should be considered a viable option.

In these days of rising energy prices, supply uncertainty and increasing environmental concerns a low maintenance, non-polluting alternative that uses free fuel can make a lot of sense. Contact Nexus Solar to discuss assessing your project for a solar water heating system.

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The Technology

A discussion on the basics of solar water heating describing the various system types and their function.

Design Considerations

Some general rules of thumb and procedures used in planning and design of the complete solar system.

Incentives & Savings

REDI, a federal incentive, could cover 25% of the capital costs for qualifying projects.

Commercial Applications

Any commercial operation that uses a lot of hot water could stand to benefit from solar water heating.

Industrial Applications

Find out more about how solar water heating can supply ample amounts of warm water for process demands.

Institutional/Comm. Buildings

Large buildings with many occupants have a high water heating load that solar water heating can reliably help meet.

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